Lady Sensei New York

Lady Sensei has 11 years experience training and teaching martial arts. She was ranked third-degree black belt in Ninjutsu, Edged Weapons & Jujutsu by The Father Of American Ninjutsu, Professor Ronald Duncan, O Sensei (1937-2012). She is also ranked fourth-degree black belt as an instructor in the Vee Arnis Jitsu School of Self Defense under Professor Scott Stewart. Lady Sensei is the highest-ranking female instructor currently practicing in both systems in New York. She teaches 21st-century combative measures, empty hand techniques, traditional and improvised weapons.

Lady Sensei is an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and self-defense instructor under Chief Lateif Dickerson for the New Jersey Firearms Academy. She is also an NRA Certified ‘Refuse To Be A Victim’ Instructor, a crime prevention program which teaches personal safety strategies. Lady Sensei’s background includes 7 years in Behavioral Health as a Psychiatric Emergency Response Team member and a certified crisis prevention instructor. She has de-escalated at thousands of clinical interventions and trained clinical staff in the use of verbal and non-verbal de-escalation skills, and non-violent physical interventions.

Lady Sensei’s beginner workshops teach self-defense as empowerment and a holistic part of health and wellness. Having begun her training in her mid-forties, she believes that it is never too late to learn how to take care of one’s self and learn the fundamentals of personal safety. Her workshops are thoughtfully designed to teach the mind as the primary weapon and how to increase safety options. Women can expect one hour of situational awareness training and verbal de-escalation techniques and one hour learning and practicing where and how to strike targets to disable an opponent.