July 14, 2018

Thank you Sister Clairesa Clay, organizer of the BLERD City Con for creating a panel entitled “Women Of The Martial Arts: Enough Respect Due” at St. Francis College, Brooklyn New York. The panel featured my VAJ Sister Senseis, Felicia Rivers & Melissa Gray. We also had a visit with  Shinobi Sister CUNY Professor Adanze Asante.

The goal of the Women’s Martial Arts Network is to organize and advance women in the martial arts in the 21st century; we create and support platforms which are designed to educate, elevate and empower. We believe that our collective images voices and stories can create awareness and inspire the next generation.

We did a couple of demonstrations as well; afterwards, a mother & father approached us and said that their daughter wanted to take a photo with us. We were so honored, to role model for her. What a heartwarming way to wrap up the afternoon. (Special Thanks for Brother Max Massiah of Guyana’s “Maxido” System for stopping by to be with us while he was in New York. Ase’.